Becoming the Lady Boss; Confessions of an Entrepreneur. 

Owning your own business is great! You get to be your own boss. You pick your own hours. Dress code optional and pyjama Tuesdays can be a thing (if you so desire). And how about that commute? If it’s too snowy, just work from home. The plus side is amazing. We actually stumbled across this article from American lender Accion listing out all the perks, rather clearly. We are pretty sure they stuck on their rose coloured glasses before writing this, however. While we agree with all their points, we also believe in educating others on the realities of the lifestyle. Being an entrepreneur is super rewarding, and clearly we love it. But it is not for the faint of heart. 


“When I took the leap in 2009 to start Pinkpolka I was terrified at the prospect of not being able to pay my bills, but not having to sit at a desk from 9-5 just to punch a clock was too tempting to ignore. After 9 years, I still lay awake some nights thinking about securing new clients and projects to keep my revenue flow up —  I have a feeling that never changes. However, the flexible lifestyle I enjoy, and the creativity I get to express when choosing my projects absolutely out-weighs the stress.”

-Jenelle Gartner, J.Gartner Studio | Boutique Collective Co-Founder

“My lifestyle changed after having my first son. I wanted to focus on the aspects of the previous 10 years of my career that I loved, and less on the items that were getting in the way. The opportunity to start Boutique Events came with the help of my employer at the time, as they were staying on as my first client. This gave me the push I needed, while providing a tiny bit of security. The anxiety of being your own boss is always there — having to manage every aspect of the business, however, you get to also be in control of your own destiny.”

-Olivia Pilip, Boutique Events | Boutique Collective Co-Founder

Olivia _Pilip_Jenelle_Gartner.jpg

Are you considering the life of an entrepreneur? New to the experience? Or many years in like us, and would love to talk about the hurdles and navigating? Reaching out and connecting is key. Being the captain of your own ship can often lead to a sense of isolation, and force many people into displaying a facade of success at all times; even when they really need to ask for help and support. There are many networking groups, websites, or professional associations that are there to support along the way, and bring you into contact with other like-minded people. 

"Entrepreneurs have struggled silently. There's a sense that they can't talk about it, that it's a weakness.” 

We can relate to this quote from an article by Jessica Bruder (@jessbruder) in the online magazine Inc. titled  The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship. In this she discusses the mental health-side to being an entrepreneur. Sadly the isolation is real, but the more we connect and talk we can change that. 

Any person wants to portray success, whether it is succeeding as a start-up, or showing off your personal highlight reel on social media. But behind every win are long hours, hard work, and maybe even some doubts and tears along the way. But always remember, the greater the risk the greater the reward. We are certainly two fans of the pay-off of being our own bosses. Even if sometimes we can only get mad at ourselves for the long hours we demand. 

If you want to pick our brains about starting your own business, or learn more about ours, we love to connect with like minded people, so drop us a line

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